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  Scientific computing with Ada ada2
object-oriented and parallel

   On CP stars and Zeeman Doppler mapping (ZDM)
    Non-stationary surface structures of CP stars     (version 13-12-2021)   
       published by O. Kochukhov and N. Piskunov, exciting discovery or "technical problem" ?  
    CP stars, force-free fields (and the ApJ)                (version 20-07-2021)   
       a fascinating combination
    ZDM of CP stars : a highway to perdition               (version 27-09-2018)     
       contradicting O. Kochukhov and N. Piskunov (from A-Z or rather from a-z)

  Codes written in Ada
     Cossam_ff          (version 20-06-2022)   
       an object-oriented parallel Stokes code for CP star atmospheres
      new version for force-free spherical harmonics or generalised dipole magnetic geometries

     Cossam_slc       (version 23-06-2022)   
       an object-oriented parallel Stokes code for CP star atmospheres
      updated legacy version for generalised dipole magnetic geometries

     Cossam_multi     (version 21-03-2022)   
       an object-oriented parallel Stokes code for CP star atmospheres with spots
     Atlas12_ada        (version 21-03-2022)  
      the famous Kurucz atmospheric code in an object-oriented and parallelised Ada version

  Useful Ada related links
   soft  Various software components written in Ada
   links  Ada links

  ZDM related questions, contradictions, conjectures ...
   luxury  Zeeman Doppler mapping (ZDM): questions to O. Kochukhov, G. Wade and D. Shulyak
   soft  OK_NP_recipes: invited talk given at the 14th Potsdam Thinkshop, June 2017 (public version)
   soft  Heartfelt thanks go to Oleg Kochukhov
   soft  A strangely incomplete thesis from Uppsala
   Pot_01  Zero-field inversions, spurious spots, and the problem of LSD-based ZDM
   soft  Has Oleg Kochukhov achieved spatial super-resolution with Invers10 ??
   soft  Snowdon and Everest and what this has to do with HD3980
   links  An open letter to the authors of the Doppler mapping analysis of the star HD3980

  Paschen is partially back ...
   PB  Stokes profiles in the Paschen-Back regime

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